Thank you!

Don’t forget to bring your paddle! We suggest you to come around 6:30 pm to warm up and make some friends. Depending the number of players in some cases each participant will play a minimum of (9 games of 11 points = 3 matches) and in other cases (6 games of 11 points = 2 matches).

Tournament fee: $10 cash or $11 by PayPal

First Place will get $30
Second Place will get $10

Please use the button below if you decide to pay online

40% of the funds will support the Youth Development Program. Thank you to be part of this tournament!

Easy Rules To Follow

After you finish your participation, please pickup your foam cups, water bottles and place it in the trash can. If you are not playing or score keeping please stay behind the barriers. Be Friendly and have fun!

2633 Troy Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733