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Thank you for the interest in Ping Pong Weekly Round Robin. For timely draw scheduling purposes, players must RESERVE THE SPOT until 6:00 pm only on Saturdays.

Reserving your spot at 6:01 pm it’s late and your name will not be entered in the draw. No exceptions


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    Our Weekly Round Robin at Grace Lin Table Tennis Club give you the opportunity to challenge our students.

    Before to start we need to give you an estimate rating so then you can start playing our Weekly Round Robin Tournament. Ratings start from 1 to 3,000 and we are sure you are wondering; How do I know my own if it’s my first time here? Well, that’s why we compile this videos. This will help you answer the “What’s your Rating” question in the form below.

    Newbie (250)

    Beginner (750)

    Intermediate (1250)




    Advanced (1750)

    Competitive (2250)

    Pro (>2501)

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    Did you check already the videos above? If YES, please choose your rating. If NO, we highly recommend to check the videos above before answer. Don't guess!

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